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Talking to your family about your breast enlargement solution -- or not

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Now that you have pursued a breast enlargement solution, it's clear that you look different.

You fill out clothes more and you have a more womanly figure. You're quite satisfied with the results, as is your partner.

So now, what do you tell your friends and family about your breast enhancement? Chances are, someone sometime will ask you what you've done, how you're doing, and maybe even ask for a recommendation.

Before you answer, you should consider your comfort level, the age appropriateness of the person asking you about it, and the right that you have to simply shut the inquirer down. 

Your comfort level

The most important thing to keep in mind when talking to your family about your breast enlargement solution is your own comfort level. You are not under any obligation to reveal anything at all unless you want to.

Your comfort level in talking about it will dictate how much you talk about the breast enlargement solution itself. Some of the people who ask you will be genuinely concerned and interested; others will just be interested in salacious gossip about your breast enlargement.

On the other hand, if you are thrilled with the results of your breast enlargement solution, you may want to shout it out to everyone you know. After all, personal recommendations drive the personal beauty business.

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Age appropriate?

While you may feel comfortable talking to your mother or your sisters or best friends about your breast enlargement solution, you'll need to tailor your responses about your breast enlargement solution to your children or the children of friends or other youngsters.

Consider whether the children are your own or someone else's. If they're someone else's, then you'll want to be extra cautious, as you can rarely be totally sure if that child's parents would be okay with talking about this. 

Shut 'em down

For some women, talking at all about their breast enlargement solutions is anxiety-producing. For these women who don't want to talk about it at all, the best response is something brief. There's no need to play games or be put into a position that makes you uncomfortable.

Just be polite and firm and you'll be fine; repeat yourself if you have to. People will get the idea that they'll get no information soon enough. Believe it nor not, soon enough, it will be old news and no one will notice; they'll just know you as your same beautiful self.

So you see, there are a lot of things that will go into your choice to talk about your breast enlargement surgery or not. From deciding what your own personal comfort level is to the age appropriateness of the details you reveal to simply refraining from talking about it at all, the ball is in your court.

Make a wise choice for yourself. While your friends and family may want all the gory details, you don't need to give them out unless you want to. Be firm. It's your health and your right to handle it however you see fit.

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