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Breast Enlargement Surgery

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In their quest for ample bosoms, there has been a dramatic surge in the number of women going for breast enlargement surgery.

What is breast enlargement surgery? In medical terms it is described as augmentation mammoplasty. Silicone rubber shells filled with sterile salt solution or sterile silicone gel are used as breast implants.

The person has to be above the age 18 to be suitable for breast enlargement surgery.

Procedure of breast enlargement surgery

During breast enlargement surgery, the implants are inserted in between the breast tissue and the chest muscles by making incision on the natural creases of the breast linings on the chest.

Then, the cut is stitched together by sutures that get dissolved later. The time taken for the breast enlargement surgery is generally one and half-hour under general anaesthesia. Care should be taken to go for the breast enlargement surgery in between the menstrual period.

The nature and types of allergic reactions that one has must also be discussed with the cosmetic surgeon. The outcome of the breast enlargement surgery is that, there is increase in the size and shape of the breasts. The effect is also dependant upon the body and chest bone structure of the patient.

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Hence, it is advisable for patients not harbour any preconceived notion or lofty ideas concerning breast enlargement. 

Complications involved in breast enlargement surgeries. The risks involved can be in the form of 

Infection The patient might develop redness and pain in the operated area after the breast enlargement surgery. It can be suppressed with the help of antibiotics or it might be necessary for the implant to be taken out.

Hematoma formation Blood might get accumulated around the implant inside the body, which might lead to the swelling of the breast. This may necessitate another operation.

Abnormal sensation in the nipple In some cases, the nipples of the breasts either become oversensitive or there is lack of it in some other cases after breast enlargement surgery.

Risk of cancer There is no medical evidence correlating the breast enlargement surgery and caner. But as there might be occurrence of firmness and lump due to the contracture of the scar and calcium deposits, it might be difficult to discern it from the lump developed by the cancerous cells.

Joint pain, mild fever and breast pains in some patients may also follow breast enlargement surgery.

Cautions to be observed after the breast enlargement surgery

After the breast enlargement surgery, certain cautions are to be maintained. They can be as follow:

  • Carrying and lifting of weights should be avoided for some days after the breast enlargement surgery. 

  • There is no bar in taking bath but the incision should not be immersed in water as in swimming pools, ponds or rivers. 

  • The incision area having the stitches should not come in the contact of perfumes or deodorant spray. 

  • Sexual intercourse should be avoided for some days as the wound might swell with sexual arousal.

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