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Breast Enlargement Pumps

In a hurry to enlarge your breast
Top Breast Enlarger Pills
Breast Enlarger Comparisons Table


The natural desire for women to have larger and supple breasts has thrown up various products. Breast enlargement pump is one of them.

Unlike the pills, creams and lotions, it a gadget that makes breast enlargement happen thorough external manoeuvre.

The breast enlargement pumps are kind of machine, where there is pump, which is connected through tubes to specially designed cups. The cups are fixed on the breasts and pumped.

The idea behind this process of breast enlargement method is that, due to the pumping the tension is created on the breasts and they are pulled outward.

This pulling up of breast results in the creation of vacuum inside it and flow of fluid and fat cell into the tissues of breast would ensue making the breast to enlarge.

It is also claimed by the manufacturing company that the breast enlargement pumps also builds and stretches the mammary gland to it fullest potential by stimulating a balanced natural hormone level and also the production of collagen is increased.

These together make the breasts firmer. It is claimed that regular use of pumps for breast enlargement also stimulates the pituitary glands to secrete the hormone responsible for the growth of the breasts.

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The effectiveness of the pumps in breast enlargement is still debatable. Many medical experts opine that by the suction effects of the pumps, the skin on the breasts is stretched, giving the breasts an enlarged effect which could be temporary. It is said that body tissues cannot grow by any sort of external force.

Hence, achieving breast enlargement by creating vacuum and exerting pressure should not yield any result. Physiologically, such a thing is impossible. During the phase of breast-feeding to children, the breast enlargement pumps can not be used.

The theory behind the functioning of breast enlargement pumps is that, by blowing air on the breasts under pressure, a suction effect is created on the breasts. It is to be believed that by creating suction around the breast, vacuum is created inside the breasts.

And to fill up the vacuum, the fats and water in the body would flow into the breast tissue, which would then facilitate the enlargement of the breasts. This claim really poses some questions. How can the suction created outside or on the skin of the breasts really trigger a flowage of fat and water into the tissues of the breasts?

Couldn’t be it that the breast just gets swelled up and not enlarged? Swelling, mind it, subsides after some time by the natural healing process of the body whereas breast enlargement is to be associated with proper body mass of body materials like fat, water, tissues etc.

Also, by the vacuum action, the skin might get stretched due to the natural elasticity of the skin and along with the swelling, might give an enlarged effect, which in reality, is just swelling.

Some women claim to have substantial increase in the breast size by regular use of the breast enlargement pumps. But it might have some have some deleterious effects on the breasts. So, proper expert opinion should be taken before using it.

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