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Factors That Affect The Breasts

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There are many factors that will affect the way the breasts of a woman look. This is nothing that is news to some people but others tend to ignore the fact that they are changing without even knowing it.

There is a common myth that says only pregnancy is going to make the breasts change to anything but what they are.

Well that is just not true and many people need to learn that there are things happening right now that will forever change the way the breasts appear to you and the outside world.

This kind of thing really comes into play when you are discussing things about the breasts as it relates to the woman that already has the problems.

With that in mind lets look at some of the defining factors that work on the breasts and how they will eventually make changes to the look and feel of the breasts that you have.


Age is always a factor in everything that you do. Bodies go through changes all through our lives and when it comes to women those changes can affect the breasts. When you are young the muscles behind the breasts are still very strong and firm. However, as you get older those same muscles begin to get weaker.

This can be due to age, lack of use or just the fact that your breasts are heavy. Either way, the age that you are is going to start having an affect on the body if you are not watching what you are doing, including your diet.

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It is no secret that pregnancy has a lot of effect on the female body. She will go through hundreds of changes because of the bouncing hormones that really throw things off inside and out.

This is the time when the breasts will swell and become much larger. That is due to the fact that the female is now producing milk and it is being stored for the child when it is born. The problem is that the breasts may not go back to the way they were once the pregnancy is over with. That is where a lot of women are wrong.

They believe that once the child is born there will be nothing stopping their breasts from shrinking back to the natural form. Well that just does not happen. The breasts have already been stretched out and when that happens the woman has larger breasts that may sag.

Poor Diet

A poor diet can take its toll on the breasts. That is something that a lot of women do not think about but it is true. Certain types of breast cancer have actually been linked to the diet of the women as well as the lose of muscle tone behind the breasts on the chest wall.

This is the reason why you should always have the proper diet for the most part. There is nothing wrong with going out and having something a little bit bad for you once in a while but not all the time.

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