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Why You Should Skip Breast Augmentation Surgery

In a hurry to enlarge your breast
Top Breast Enlarger Pills
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If you watch enough of those medical reality shows on television, it's easy to think that everyone is have breast enlargement surgery, whether for cosmetic, gender reassignment or reconstructive purposes.

While there is absolutely valid reason for medically-necessary breast enlargement surgeries, it's the women undergoing the surgery for cosmetic purposes who may want to seriously rethink their choice.

There are a number of issues to consider, from the fact that this is major surgery, requires a significant financial commitment, that having the surgery falls in line with societal expectations, and even setting a good example for young friends and relations.

Major surgery

Breast enlargement surgery may sound quick and easy, but in reality, this is major surgery. It will involve anesthesia and definite recovery period. While uncommon, it is possible for complications to set in, either from the anesthesia or the surgery itself.

There have even been women who have died as a result of their breast enlargement surgery complications, including infection.

Before you expose yourself to this risk for a nonessential operation like breast enlargement, consider if your concerns about your breast size or shape really warrant these risks, or if perhaps a good push-up bra might be a better choice.

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Health is one of those things we tend to take for granted. Don't lose yours over a boob job.

Financial commitment

Few women who are considering breast enlargement surgery have the financial resources to pay for their surgery outright, in cash. For most, the expense of the surgery involves getting financing or obtaining a medical loan.

There is always a risk of unfavorable interest rates, risky contract terms, or unethical lenders. You don't want to spend 25 years paying off breast enlargement implants that last only five years, only to have to be replaced, warranting another surgery and another load.

Giving in to society's expectations

Women have been told for years that large breasts are to be desired as the ideal. This pressure has led to perhaps more breast enlargement surgeries than necessary.

Going along with this just confirms that you're willing to believe what advertisers and pop culture tells women about their worth and value as sex objects.

Setting a good example

If you have young daughters, nieces or friends, realize that getting a cosmetic breast enlargement procedure performed will set an example for them.

Regardless of your intentions, it will tell them that they're not good enough the way they are, that they need to risk their health and financial well-being to try to live up to some unattainable beauty ideal that's promulgated by popular culture forces.

While it's not necessary to restrict your decision-making to only what the children will think, it's irresponsible not to at least realize they will notice and draw their own conclusions about it all.

While choosing to get breast enlargement surgery is a very personal decision, the financial, health, and related risks and opportunities should be of utmost importance when considering all of the options.

No one can make these decisions but you, and you're the one who will have to live with it, so be sure you ask lots of questions.

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