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Why You Should Wait Until Your 20s for Breast Augmentation

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Top Breast Enlarger Pills
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Breast enlargement surgery is a hot topic for women in general these days.

There are many teenagers who are interested in breast augmentation, but it's really a wise idea to wait until your early 20s at least before pursing this surgery.

Maturity, cost, the decision-making process, and commitment to all aspects of the procedure are important milestones to reach before you even consider breast enlargement surgery.

Age of maturity

For many teenagers, as much as they want breast enlargement surgery, it's not a good idea, medically speaking. Many of these young women are not yet finished growing.

To have a physician add implants to the chest of a young woman who may continue to have her breasts increase in size could leave her with more problems than what she started with. General complications, like hardening or encapsulation may be more difficult to treat if the problem is combined with still-growing breasts.


Breast enlargement surgery is very expensive. Young women who are interested in the surgery have a couple of options. For some girls, their parents or other family members might consider paying for the surgery.

For other young women, the financial burden of paying for breast enlargement surgery will fall squarely on their shoulders. Since most young women who are planning to have breast enlargement surgery don't have thousands of dollars lying around, this means there will be heavy medical loans to pay back.

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Alternatively, they may have been able to secure financing, but not at a very good rate. Making the wrong choice could mean that a woman has a significant debt load very early in life. And no girl wants to start life flat broke, even if she does have great cleavage.


Teenagers are well-known for making impulsive decisions. While no one's saying that a teenager would make a decision to have breast enlargement surgery lightly, it's easy to get caught up in the end result -- a beautiful body -- and forget about all the painful details.

For example, the long and possibly painful recovery period, significant financial outlay, and potential for everything to just look all wrong if a girl's breasts continue to grow or change shape.


Breast enlargement surgery is a major operation. There are a number of pre- and post-surgical requirements and instructions that must be followed if the patient is to have the barest minimum of complications.

Younger patients may not realize the gravity of the situation and not follow through on all the instructions. This could lead to infections, poorly healed scars, and other complications that will make the recovery process longer, more painful, and more expensive. Worse, there may be physical marks or scars that may never go away.

All told, there are several important reasons that young women should think carefully before going ahead with breast enlargement surgery.

While outlined above, the best thing a young woman can do is talk with her physician, her family, and others who have had that surgery. Only be comparing and contrasting all of her options can a young woman be sure she's making the right decision.

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