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Common Reasons for Breast Enlargement Surgery

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Top Breast Enlarger Pills
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Breast enlargement is a more common surgery today than ever before. Only time will tell if the popularity of it continues for the long term.

In the meantime, it may be helpful to consider exactly why women turn to breast augmentation surgery when thinking about the future of these types of surgery.

Most often, women turn to breast enlargement surgery for cosmetic, gender, or reconstructive purposes.

Cosmetic purposes

For some women, they are fundamentally unhappy with their natural breast shape and/or size.

These may be valid concerns, as in, one breast may be noticeably larger or smaller than the other, or more of a psychological concern, in that while a woman may think her breasts are uneven, no one but her might notice at all. Other women are simply dissatisfied with their cup size.

Some worry that their breasts are not an ideal shape, not perky or full enough. Some are dissatisfied that they cannot "fill out their clothes" like women with larger breasts. For these reasons and more, some women are very interested in breast enlargement as a cosmetic procedure.

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Gender reassignment

For men in the process of undergoing gender reassignment surgery, breast enlargement surgery can be an important part of the process.

When men who are born male begin the transition to female, the hormones may increase the size of their breasts, but perhaps not enough to look just like the breasts of a woman born as a female.

Or, the patient may believe that larger breasts look more feminine. Because of the significant psychological role here, it could easily be argued that breast enlargement surgery is medically necessary in these cases, for good physical and mental health for the transitioning patient.


Women who lose a breast, or part of a breast, due to injury or disease present cases in which it's more medically necessary to undergo breast enlargement surgery.

Mentally and emotionally, women who have lost a breast will find some comfort in at the very least looking like they did before, if not feeling like they did before.

In other cases, for some women, the breast or breasts did not develop properly in size or shape, for whatever reason. That may be for genetic or other reasons. Breast enlargement surgery is an important part of breast reconstruction therapy as well as medical treatment of abnormal breast development.

Overall, these are the three primary reasons for breast enlargement surgery. Some women are very much not happy with their appearance, for either perceived or documented deviations from the ideal look and shape of women's breasts.

Some women were born as males, and despite the medical processes and therapies that encourage breast growth, breast enlargement surgery is the only method to fulfill the patients' dreams of a genuine feminine figure.

And lastly, some women suffer the loss or injury to a breast or breasts that is so severe, medical intervention is required to restore a woman's physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

As breast enlargement surgeries continue to be performed, only time will tell which of these three primary reasons for breast enlargement surgery will trump the others.

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