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Breast Facts

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The breasts are a point of discussion among most men but the fact is that they do not know as much as they think they do.

There are a good many things about breasts that have been fictionalized and made into pure myth and that can create a lot of problems.

Most of the women in the world grow tired of talking about the same old thing. Men on the other hand would hardly grow tired of discussing such a topic.

This shows right away that a man is willing to go that extra mile and show exactly what they are about. This is exactly why the women of the world believe that men have a one track mind.

They are always discussing sex and the breast area of women so it is no surprise to be certain.

With this article we will go over some myths and facts about breasts that should help to clear the air a bit.

A woman will get her breasts at age ten and that is it.

This is both a myth and a fact. Women do often times start to develop their breasts at about ten years of age but that is not when the thing ends. The breasts of a woman can continue to grow until the age of twenty.

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This is the time when the breasts begin to form and with that comes the idea that the teens of the world are the ones that form the breasts the fastest but this is not the truth.

Most women base their level of confidence solely on breast size.

This is a complete myth for the most part. There is nothing to say that women base their self confidence on the fact of breast size and most of the men in the world wrongly assume this is true.

Women are not in the same realm as men when it comes to the vanity about their body and they will not lower their self confidence on their issues of breast size.

Breasts are for sexual purpose more than anything.

Well you should be able to tell that this is a myth just by looking at it. The actual purpose or function of the breasts is to feed the babies that the female has. The breasts are actually nothing more than storage facilities for the milk that is produced by mothers.

The sexual idea comes form the sensitivity that is with the breasts. The nipples are highly sensitive and can be stimulated for sexual arousal. However, this is not as easy to accomplish when the woman is pregnant. Sexual ideas about the breasts go out the window when there is a child in the woman's body.

A woman with large breasts is really into sex.

This is a complete and total myth. There is no link between breast size and the idea of wanting more sex. That is purely an issue depending upon the body. Woman who are graced with large breasts are usually in the area of the genetics field where someone in their family was also large breasted.

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