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Breast Enlargement Exercises For Increasing Size Of Your Bosoms

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Many women are suffering from smaller breast problems that have resulted with losing the confidence to face the outer world. Such persons even find it difficult to wear comforting clothing because of the exposure of their bosoms and normally end up with buying such clothes, which do not expose their body upper body parts.

If you are one among such depressed persons and wish to increase the size of your bosoms, then you can follow several breast enlargement exercises that are proved to be more useful. These exercises are not much harm to your body, when compared with the surgical methods.

The basic rule of following such exercises begins with restoring your self confidence. Always try to start with improving your posture, while sitting and walking. Standing straight by keeping your abdominals stiff and tight, can be very useful to make your bosoms appear larger than their actual size. In other words, this helps you to present yourself with self confidence, to the outer world.

Some of the breast enlargement exercises that you can follow are,

Pectoral Press

This exercise has following steps,

  • Hold any object that is weighing about 5 pounds, in each hand.
  • Try to pull in your tummy region and bend slightly.
  • Your feet should be placed at equal distance with your shoulders and keep your back in straight position.
  • Slowly bend your elbows till it forms a right angle, with the position of your body.
  • Start pressing your forearms, hands and elbows, altogether.
  • Now start pressing your arms, in backward direction.
  • Follow this exercise, daily, for about 12 to 13 times.

Modified Push Ups

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This is one among the most commonly used breast enlargement exercises and is done by the following steps.

  • Lie down on the floor, by placing your body weight on your stomach.
  • Slowly start bending your knees and also crossing your ankles.
  • Stretch your hands, on the floor, away from your shoulders.
  • Now slowly start bending your elbows.
  • Place your arms in straight position.
  • Slowly start to tighten your tummy abs.
  • Don’t move your face away from the floor.
  • Now slowly bend your elbows and also lower your body.
  • Repeat this exercise about 10 to 12 times daily.

Incline Press

This is listed under the breast enlargement exercises that are proved to be more useful.

  • Hold onto any weight weighing about 5 pounds, in both the hands.
  • Lie down on the floor, on a pillow, for propping up your upper back portion.
  • Slowly start bending your elbows out at 90 degrees, from the body.
  • Keep your chins tucked in.
  • Start pressing the weights, in your hands, in front of your chest region.
  • Now slowly start lowering those weights, from back, towards sides.
  • Follow this exercise for about 12 to 14 times daily, with breaks.

The other breast enlargement exercises that you can follow regularly are the common push-ups, side swerves, the kneeling dip and many more. You can even massage your breasts in a constant direction, to increase their size.

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