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Harmful Side Effects of Breast Enhancement Surgeries

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Breast enhancement surgery results in implant failure in about forty percent of women. This warrants a secondary operation to rectify the damaging effects of the primary one. 

It requires medical monitoring for a period of five years post surgery. Saline breast implants do not last longer than three days after implantation surgery.

Breast enhancement surgery can induce complications in most patients within a short term. Breast implants have high failure rate in poor systemic health status. There is increased risk to implant complication with each passing year post surgery.

A certain number of saline implants deflate and lose aesthetic appeal in a year. Breast implants can rupture under stress irrespective of normal health condition. Ruptured breast implants have been reported in about one third of all surgical patients.

There is the risk to displacement of implant material to other parts of the body. Serious complications include damage to chest wall, lungs and heart increasing mortality risk.

There can be the need for breast amputation with implant complication in few cases. Certain forms of breast implants can serve as pathogenic base for the proliferation of microorganisms. Oil filled breast implants were disapproved after their hazard of creating fat emboli in the blood stream.

The fat emboli can block blood vessels and initiate myocardial infarction. Breast enhancement surgery has high risk to post operative infection. They can be difficult to treat with conventional antibiotics.

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Certain breast implant containers can release harmful components like lead and platinum in to the blood stream. The side effects of breast enhancement surgeries have long term complications like immunological impairment.

Some researches believe the side effects of breast enhancement surgeries are primarily form developing autoimmune diseases. 

Some of the common side effects of breast enhancement surgeries are prolonged inflammatory reactions experienced. Irreversible side effect of breast enhancement surgeries is the hardening of tissues to resemble scar with capsular structure.

The side effects of breast enhancement surgeries can cause poor aesthetic appeal. The entire augmentation effect may look undesirable and weird. The side effects of breast enhancement surgeries are greater with less natural breast tissue.

Most breast implants do not last longer than ten to fifteen years. They require removal or replacement. The anticipated side effects of breast enhancement surgeries are nerve damage and loss of tactile sensation with adjacent skin.

The other extreme side effects of breast enhancement surgeries involve extreme hypersensitivity to touch and constant pain. 

Breast augmentation fails to improve self esteem and positive body image many years down the line for most women. Implants can interfere with regular indulgence in many forms of physical activity. Breast enhancement surgery is expensive and provides no definite guarantee with a primary implant operation. 

Breast implants may interfere with natural breast feeding ability. There is higher risk to cancer and life threatening conditions with various forms of implants employed.

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