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Natural And Non-Surgical Breast Enlargement

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Top Breast Enlarger Pills
Breast Enlarger Comparisons Table


About 70% of the underdeveloped breasts are the result of imbalance in the hormone level. The presence of estrogen hormone determines the size, shape and fullness of the breast.

These hormones are normally produced by the women’s body during her puberty period and it helps in the development of new breast tissues.

Every breast enhancers like pills creams etc contain phytoestrogen which try to mimic the effect of natural estrogens.

They are occurring from non- hormonal plant estrogen such as dong quai, soybean, oat bran, and fenugreek. These natural breast tissue-growth promoting botanical herbs stimulate the body to develop new breast tissues. 

Now a day a new phytoestrogen –deoxymiroestrol is creating from the root of pueraria mirifica. Its structure is very same to the estradiol hormone which can be seen in all women when they are at the stage of nursing a baby. 

Pueraria mirifica breast enlargement products try to mimic this situation again in women’s body especially in the breast.  

So the natural breast enlargement products like pills, creams and all other natural herbs can be considered as safe and less expensive non- surgical breast enlargement methods. 

These products are helping the body to regulate the production of estrogen hormone and control firmness of the breast. It helps to improve the self image and esteem of women. 

The breast pumps which are used to extract the milk from nursing mother for later use and can be considered as another non- surgical breast enlargement device.

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Under this method a specially designed cup is placed over each breast. Then instruct the women to pump the breast for about 15 minutes each, two time per day. That will result the growth of breasts.

The exercise is another non-surgical breast enlargement method to enhance the breast size. The exercise did not help directly to increase the breast size because the breast contains no muscles.

It only contains fat cells, milk-ducts and glands. But the exercise will help to tone up the muscles on which the breast tissues lies. 

The hypnosis breast enlargement- a hypnotic and non-surgical breast enlargement method has been proven as safe, inexpensive and effective self motivated breast enlargement method.

It is based on the theory that the human mind or our thoughts and believes can affect the growth, weak and strength of our body. It is like meditation concentrating on our own body. 

The breast massage is another natural and non-surgical breast enlargement method. It can apply everyone even in home without the fear of any side effects.

It helps to drain away toxins and promote full and firm breast. Some women claim that having a moderate massaging of the breast can prevent the breast cancer. It is advisable that use oils and serums while massaging.

The healthy living and eating will enhance the quality of tissues and skin of the breast. The growth hormones are necessary for each part of our body.

But it starts falling after the age of 25. The amino acid can increase growth-hormone. So it is recommended that select proper and healthy foods along with the non-surgical breast enlargement methods to get firm breast.

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