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Non Surgical Breast Enlargement- The Perfect Solution

In a hurry to enlarge your breast
Top Breast Enlarger Pills
Breast Enlarger Comparisons Table


The women these days face tremendous pressures from the society to look perfect. Every female universally, is assailed by doubts and questions as to “how to get that perfect look?” 

The biggest influence to look perfect comes from the media and magazine covers highlighting celebrities with perfect looks.

The trend these days to look taller, curvier, smart and lean has had women visiting doctors for surgeries and treatments, in order to fulfil their goal of achieving the so called “perfect look” 

Many women these days are finding and looking for ways to enhance the size of their breasts. There are two options available for breast enlargement:

• Breast implants and surgery
• Non surgical breast enlargement

Non surgical breast enlargements have various advantages over surgical procedures as they are painless and have no side effects.

The other disadvantages of surgical methods of breast enlargement include scarring, long periods of recuperating, costly treatments and frequent visits to the doctor for regular checkups.

These days there several options available for non surgical breast enlargement, some of them are listed below. It would help us greatly to understand how these work to give the desired results.

• Herbal remedies
• Creams
• Pills and supplements
• Non surgical breast enlargement devices

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Herbal remedies:

The 3 most important herbs that play a major role in non surgical breast enlargement are Fenugreek, Red Clover, and Saw Palmetto.

Fenugreek is a natural stimulant for estrogen and prolactin, which are breast enlarging hormones. Red clover contains genistein, which is a breast enhancing hormone.

Saw Palmetto helps control excess testosterone and is equally responsible for female breast enlargement.


Oestrogen is a sex hormone produced in females which leads to the development of secondary sex characteristics including breast development. This hormone is secreted by the ovaries in mature females. 

The synthetic form of this hormone is now developed successfully and has been incorporated to produce transdermal creams, which can now be applied over the breast area directly.

These creams enhance health and elasticity of the support ligaments and also lend to the firmness to the breasts.

Pills and Supplements:

This is yet another method of non surgical breast enlargement, where scientists have designed pills using estrogen receptors. These estrogen receptors in breasts coupled with complex phytoestrogens are found to enhance the breast size of women considerably. 

Non surgical breast enlargement devices:

Breast enlargement pumps are a recent discovery that permanently enhances breasts in a regulated manner. The setup comprises of two plastic domes with silicone gel rims, held in place by a specialised bra worn over the breasts. 

Hoses extend from these domes to maintain a vacuum pressure, which is monitored by a small computer. The logic behind these pumps is that they stimulate the breast tissues to produce breast enlargement hormones.

There are various reasons such as confidence, symmetry, appearance and the feel good factor, which has had women looking for ways and means for breast enlargements today. 

With the growing trend of achieving perfect bodies and appearances, non surgical breast enlargement serves the purpose of almost all women in acquiring the desired results of a perfect bust line. 

Making the right choice:

Most of the non surgical breast enlargement products available in market are natural and hence generally have no side effects. Individuals using these products should first consult and check with doctors to get a fair idea as to which of the above mentioned options would suit them the best.

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